Carpenter and Associates, Inc. is a third-generation owned Texas corporation, founded by Charles (Charlie) B. Carpenter. His son James (Jim) joined the firm in 1971, becoming President in 1978. His grandson, Stephen Carpenter joined the company in 2002, becoming President in 2010. Charlie retired in 2007, but continues as counsel emeritus and manages real estate investments. Carpenter & Associates, Inc.’s (C&A) continuing history includes state-wide development, construction and investment activities, real estate brokerage, investment syndication, asset management, community redevelopment, private and municipal infrastructure development. The company’s specific focus is to develop projects that stimulate economic, social, and community development and redevelopment. Our commitment - “Do something worthy; make a statement by doing it the right way; make a profit for the community first; and your reward will follow.” On July 4th,1969 Charlie Carpenter unveiled the grand-opening of The Rosewood Shopping Center located in the heart of the Rosewood Neighborhood in east Austin. The area was targeted by both federal and City of Austin officials for Urban Renewal redevelopment. Charlie agreed to assist in the redevelopment effort with the construction of the first major neighborhood shopping center to be built in east Austin. The A&P grocery chain along with regional drug and variety stores, other service businesses, restaurant and the Urban Renewal offices filled the center. President Lyndon Johnson sent a proclamation and U.S. Congressman Jake Pickle, the Austin Mayor and Councilmembers attended the grand-opening which became the cornerstone for redevelopment of east Austin. During the 1970’s, C&A expanded its property development, management and brokerage activities, with offices in Austin, San Antonio, South Texas, and the Rio Grande Valley. Charlie focused on the development, leasing and operations of three regional shopping malls totaling more than 750,000 sq. ft. and numerous Safeway grocery-anchored neighborhood retail centers throughout the state. On the brokerage and syndication front, C&A conducted acquisitions, new construction, and management of more than 8,000 apartment units and tens of thousands of acres of land assemblages across central and south Texas. C&A directed roadway, utility and development entitlement efforts to enhance land values, enable the construction of the properties then sold these ventures. C&A liquidated its apartment portfolio in the late 1970’s. In the 1980’s, C&A redirected its efforts, focusing on strategic urban and suburban master-planned community project assemblages and entitlements. The company conducted extensive office and retail acquisitions, redevelopment of urban assets including conversions of premier apartment properties into condominiums. C&A also intensified its extensive commercial brokerage activities, turning in $200-$250m in annual sales in the Austin market. C&A pioneered a 4,000+acre strategic land assemblage that led development east of Austin, into Austin’s preferred growth corridor where no environmentally sensitive habitat, geologic features or endangered species were prevalent. The east region’s historical poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment was due to the absence of growth because of the lack of municipal services and potable public water supplies. C&A privately discovered, developed and operated its own public water supplies, building a 9-mile network of water wells, pumping and storage facilities that transported new potable water supply to the City of Manor and the U.S. Highway 290 corridor. This privately funded effort provided Manor with its first-ever State approved municipal water supply and established C&A’s development prominence over the area. C&A continued its privatization of municipal utility systems and services in the region northeast of Austin. They recruited other private utility developers, and partnered with the City of Manor to revitalize and develop the city, the surrounding community. C&A led the effort to improve the Manor Independent School District by providing the land, and newly developed public utility services for the development and construction of a new high school and middle school on portions of the Carpenter family holdings. C&A engaged a retired former Austin planning director, the water-wastewater utility director, and recruited Austin’s former city attorney to assist in the master-planning and creation of new subdivision, platting and zoning ordinances for the City of Manor. C&A directed the planning, funding and development of essential roadway and utility infrastructures needed to redevelop the Manor community. Today, the mixed-use Shadow Glen residential community with a signature golf course, retail, commercial and multi-family uses anchor Manor’s redevelopment and spurred new growth expanding Manor’s historic population of 1,000± for over 130 years to its current 7,000+ population. C&A continued to pioneer more than 10,000 acres of development east of Austin; with thousands of acres of new development projects currently


Jim began his real estate career while finishing high school, joining his father at Carpenter and Associates, Inc. He became the company pilot, established a research and marketing division, and conducted brokerage and syndication activities while graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 1976, with a BBA in Finance. He became President of the firm in 1978 and led the expansion of company brokerage and development activities. Today he is primarily engaged in development of two major projects east of Austin located along the Colorado River. Jim is a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker, member of the National, Texas and Austin Board of Realtors, member of the Real Estate Council of Austin, Austin Commercial Real Estate Society, Member of the Chancellor’s Council for the University of Texas at Austin and former licensed pilot. Jim led the various companies, ventures and partnerships that have actively acquired, developed, owned and brokered billions of dollars of real estate investments statewide for over 40-years. The following information includes a few of the more prominent acquisitions, developments, or transactions and the demonstrates the diversity of experience possessed by the Carpenter enterprises.


Stephen graduated from Austin College in 2007, majoring in both Business Administration and Computer Sciences. His non-academic achievements include: President & Treasurer of the Sigma Tau Epsilon Fraternity, American Southwest Conference men’s soccer freshman athlete of the year 2003, 2003 1st team American Southwest Conference Division honors, Top goal scorer (47) and most points (150+) in Austin College men’s soccer history, Pete Cawthorn award winner for the top male senior athletic career; 2020 Austin College Hall of Fame inductee / honoree; Recognizing that the real estate brokerage, development, sales and financing industries have transitioned to online businesses, Stephen joined C&A in 2002 during high school, serving as the Company’s IT and systems Manager. He developed and maintains all computer and data systems including company website, and those for other company development projects. He personally handles all server maintenance and backup, networking, computer repair and maintenance, backup, and software/hardware upgrades. He also creates all marketing and sales packages, aerials, presentations, graphic designing and LoopNet webpages for all Company agents including management responsibility over all listings, contracts, company resources and data. He became President of the company in 2010 and leads all marketing, brokerage, property and personnel management activities. His accomplishments outside of real estate include multiple IT consulting and contract positions including HomeAway, Inc., & During his five-year time with HomeAway/Expedia he started out as the second member on the North American Tier II Tech Support Team. He was then internally hired to a Quality Assurance Engineer for the Global Traveler Team and quickly was promoted to a Software Engineer. He was promoted again to QA Lead and Software Engineer for the Traveler Home team. He was promoted again to Automation Engineer and put in charge of managing all of HomeAway’s client facing QA testing automation for all 28 websites/brands globally. He single-handedly transitioned the automation suite from Ruby (deprecated) to Java so that all the front-end developers could aide with the upkeep of the ever growing test suite as none of them knew Ruby. Once he transitioned the whole framework to Java and stubbed out all the test paths for the UI developers he decided to transition back full-time to Carpenter & Associates, Inc. to work on our EASTVILLAGE & GREENPORT projects. This work has led to his fluency in Java, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Backbone, Git, GitHub, Rally, Jira, TeamCity, Salesforce, Kanban, Agile Development, Mac, PC’s, almost all phone brands and almost all computer software. He also builds his own computers, is a former avid gamer and has a unique ability to solve almost any and all technical problems in this ever-changing world of technology. Stephen is a results-driven individual that attributes his success to ingenuity, hard work and determination which has led him to become an accomplished real estate broker, company executive, front-end/UI/automation/software/ruby/java developer, QA software engineer and IT professional. He is a jack of all trades with a passion for problem solving, outside of the box thinking, open mindedness and has developed a keen intuition to read others and situations. No task or problem is too big or challenging to solve.

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